How can I get in touch directly with the pilot?

How can I get in touch directly with the pilot?

While it's not required to send a pilot a message prior to booking, we always recommend doing so as it increases the chances of your booking being accepted by the pilot, so your unique flight experience can go ahead! It is also a great chance to tell the pilot a bit about the kind of experience you want to have, so you can get the very best out of your Wingly flight!

Until a booking has been made and accepted by a pilot, the only way to get in touch with them directly is through the Wingly messenger. 


To do so, on a flight page scroll down to the 'About Pilot section. There you will find a button that says “Contact Pilot”, that  will take you to the Wingly messenger where you can interact with the pilot prior to booking.





When getting in contact with the pilot for the first time before booking, 


  •  Any questions you may have about the flight, the pilot or about the Wingly platform itself


  • Requests for specific routes/sights you would love to fly over, as it might be a possibility to make sure the experience is truly unforgettable.


  • Nothing can be more special than a flight on a special date, don't hesitate to let the pilot know, and see if you can prepare an amazing surprise for a ! Birthdays, Valentines Day or even a proposal, our pilots are always happy to help make your special day even more memorable!


Once you have made a booking and it has been accepted by the pilot, you and the pilot will be able to send each other's contact information (Phone number, email, etc.) so that you can plan further details of the flight. This will also allow the pilot to keep you updated regarding the weather in the days leading up to the flight and also make it easy for you to get in touch on the day of the flight if necessary. 

If you have any problems, we encourage you to contact us directly at or by phone on +44 1905 57 0566. We are available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17:30 (GMT). Outside of these hours, a member of our team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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