How do I accept a passenger's booking request on one of my flights?

How do I accept a passenger's booking request on one of my flights?

After a passenger has made a booking on a specific flight you offer, you need to approve their request after which they will receive a link to make payment and once they have done so it will confirm the booking. When a booking request is placed, you will receive a notification from us via email and SMS. Please be aware that you have 48 hours to respond and that unanswered booking requests get automatically declined after 2 days. Even if you are unavailable to fly with the person on that date, you can always reschedule to fly with them another time or refuse their request so the passengers receive a response. 

How to accept a booking request on Wingly:

1. Log into your Wingly account and choose the "flight management" option under the "cockpit" tab, at the top right of the page:

2. You will see a new pending booking request from a passenger on one of your flights. 

You have 48 hours to let the system know that you either accept to fly on this date or would like to suggest an alternative date after which the passenger will receive a link to make payment on Wingly for their share of the costs.


3. Click on the button Access request. 
4. You will now see the full details about the flight requested by the passenger. 

You will also be notified about this via your flight management

5. If you are available to fly on the original date and time work you can click accept and Wingly will send your passengers a link to make payment and confirm their booking with you. 

Once accepted, your passenger will have 24 hours to make payment for their share of the flight and you will receive a confirmation of their payment on Wingly. On the rare occasion that a passenger is unable to make payment Wingly will also notify you and cancel the booking request automatically. 

6. Once accepted your passenger will have 24 hours to make payment for the request in order to confirm the booking on their end. You will be able to follow this on your dashboard as it will appear as waiting for payment. 

7. Once payment has been made by the passenger their booking will now automatically appear in your booked flight list.

8. You will now have access to the full details of the passenger as well as their weights to prepare for the flight. You will also see what you receive when these passengers fly in terms of costs. As you have the passenger's full details you can now also contact them directly to organise any additional flight details. 

Once a booking request is confirmed you are always able to reschedule the dates later on if ever needed such as weather postponements, you can also always cancel the flight as well and the passengers will be simply refunded. 

If you are refusing a booking request, and choose 'Aircraft availability' as the reason, please state whether it is simply that the aircraft is completely booked on that day, or whether the aircraft is under maintenance. If the aircraft is out of service, or you are unable to fly for a prolonged period for any other reason, you may need to update your calendar. This will prevent further bookings from coming in on days you are unavailable. 
If you have any questions, you can contact us directly at or by phone on +447708405306. We are available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17:30.

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