How do I post a flight?

How do I post a flight?

Once you have logged into your pilot profile, click on the tab "add a flight" which appears on the top right of the page.

To be able to add a flight, you must first have had your medical certificate and your pilot’s license verified as well as having added at least one aircraft type to your profile. Please also ensure you have permission from the aircraft owner/club that you intend to do Wingly flights before posting the aircraft on the platform. 

1. Choose the type of flight

At this stage, simply choose the type of flight that you wish to carry out.
Sightseeing: The most frequent flight on Wingly, you take off and land at the same airfield. Ideal for a flight of about an hour to let your passengers discover the beauties of your region.

Excursion: A round trip, takeoff from one airfield, land at another, and then return to the departure airfield. Ideal for a flight over a day or several days in order to explore more distant destinations with your passengers.

One way: A classic flight from one airfield to another. Ideal if you have already planned to go somewhere on a specific date.
You will also have the option to make the flight invisible, in the event that you only wish for a certain passenger to see the flight. An invisible flight will be hidden from all passengers, other than those with which you share the link.

2. Choose the aircraft

Here you can choose the plane you want to fly with. The total cost of your flight will be directly calculated by the platform based on the price per hour of the flight on the given aircraft and the duration of your flight.

During this stage, you also have the option of adding a new aircraft if the one you wish to use is not yet in your existing list of aircraft.

3. Route and flight duration

Enter here your departure and arrival airfield (in the case of an excursion or one-way flight), the flight time, and the points of interest along the route.

With sightseeing points, passengers will have a better overview of your flight and your flight will be better referenced on our platform.

If you declare your flight an IFR one, passengers will be notified that the flight may take place in bad weather

4. Choose the date type for your flight

Flexible dates: If you are able to do this flight on a regular basis, then choose flexible dates and fill in what days you are usually available. You will always have the possibility thereafter to accept or decline the passengers’ request. They can only book the flight on your selected availability days, but you can also use your availability calendar to block off certain dates you can't fly too. This option maximises your chances of booking requests. 

Fixed date: The best option if you already planning on doing this flight on a specific date, and that you want to offer seats on your plane.
Once the date type has been selected, you can choose a deadline after which you no longer want to receive reservation requests for the flight being created. Keep in mind that when you make a reservation request, you have 48 hours to respond to it before it expires.

5. Describe your flight

The aim of this section is to encourage passengers to book your flight! Describe your flight in an enticing but concise way so as to best convey the experience that they will receive if they book. The more precise the details, the better the chance you’ll have of receiving bookings.

6. Add photos

Add your photos of the flight here. This is your chance to add high quality photos which show the potential sights that will be visible during the flight. We recommend that you add a minimum of 3 photos to maximise your chances of booking. The higher the quality, the better! 
Please ensure that you use your own photos, or photos that you have permission to use from their owner.

7. Choose the type of cost sharing

Fixed price per passenger: The fixed price allows you to establish a price which does not change according to the number of seats reserved.

Example: For a flight at £200 per hour carried out on a 4-seater plane, if only one passenger books, he will pay a seat or £50, the pilot will pay the rest of the costs, £150.

Equal cost sharing: This option allows you to ensure a fair cost sharing between you and your passengers, regardless of the number of seats reserved.

Example: For a flight at £200 per hour carried out on a 4-seat airplane, if a single passenger books, he will pay 50% of the flight costs, ie £100, and the pilot will pay the rest of the costs, ie £100.

8. Add your other costs

Here you can enter the cost of your landing fees and other fees.

Please note the "other" costs that can be shared for a cost-sharing flight are only the costs related to parking, handling and rental of equipment related to the flight (life jackets, lift rafts etc.). If in doubt please contact us. 

You can also enter the number of seats offered on this flight and declare any other travellers flying with you outside Wingly.

9. Check all of the details and post your flight!

A few tips for flight posting:

Once you have checked over all of the details, make sure to read the section at the bottom of the page which certifies that you have taken note of the EASA code of conduct for Wingly pilots and that you accept and approve the general conditions of use.

If you have any questions, you can contact us directly at or by phone on +447708405306. We are available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17:30.

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