How do I use my unavailability calendar?

How do I use my unavailability calendar?

The calendar feature on Wingly is a really important tool as it allows you to share your unavailability with Wingly passengers. With the new and improved calendar, you can choose when you are available to take passengers for each of your flights. This means that you don’t have to worry about booking requests coming in for dates you know you can’t fly. 

Finding your Wingly Calendar:

To find your calendar, simply log into your pilot account and click on “Cockpit”. In the menu that appears, you can find the link to your calendar. 

The Calendar Layout:

Once you’re on your calendar page, you’ll find something that looks like this. Here’s a quick tour: 

  1. In the top left, you’ll see the month you are currently viewing on your calendar. Along the top of the calendar, you’ll then see the days of that month. You can scroll left and right to view all of the dates.
  2. In the top right, you’ll see a button that says “Edit calendar” (more on that later) and two arrows. Clicking on the arrows lets you go forward or back a month.
  3. On the left of the calendar is a list of all your flights, separated by airfield if you fly from multiple locations. 
  4. The calendar itself is then colour-coded to show what your availability is for each flight on each date.
  5. Days that you have blocked off using “Edit calendar” will appear in red. A passenger would not be able to book the corresponding flight(s) on these dates.
  6. In blue, you’ll see days that you’re available for a flight. For example, for a flexible flight you have posted as being available on Saturday and Sunday, you will see that each weekend is blue (and the rest of the week remains white). The flight date of a fixed date flight will also appear blue on your calendar.

Edit Calendar - Sharing Your Unavailability:

To update your calendar availability and let passengers know when they can book with you, the first step is to click “Edit Calendar” in the top right of the page. 

When you click on “Edit calendar”, a side panel will appear with a list of your flights. This is where you can choose which flights you’d like to update your availability for. Click “Select all” to quickly select all of your flights, or click on individual flights that you wish to update your unavailability for. Then click “Next” at the bottom.

Note: If you select a fixed date flight from the list, and then block off the date that this flight takes place on, the flight will be deleted.
After clicking “Next”, a new side panel will appear. At the top, you will see “Edit Unavailability” under which you have an option to select “Add Unavailabilities” or “Remove Unavailabilities”.  Selecting “Add Unavailabilities” will allow you to subsequently select days on your calendar you want to block off and not receive booking requests for. Alternatively, Selecting “Remove Unavailabilities” will allow you to return dates to being available that you have previously blocked off. 

Once you have chosen whether you want to add or remove unavailability to your calendar, you can then “Choose date type”. Clicking this box will reveal two options: “Individual Dates”, or a “Date Range”. If you want to update your availability for a row of consecutive dates, for example, from the 5th until the 20th, click on “Date Range”. If you want to update your availability for one or more separate dates, for example, the 5th, the 10th, and the 20th, then click on “Individual Dates”.  

Note: If you quickly want to block off or mark available an entire year, click on the option to “Select all dates for 1 year”, just under the “Choose date type” box. 

Once you are ready to select the dates you wish to update your unavailability for, scroll down to see the calendar. At the top of the calendar, either side of the month’s title, you will see arrows that allow you to go back or forward a month. On the calendar itself, you can then click on the days you would like to update your availability. 
  1. When selecting individual dates: Simply click once on each day you would like to select. Click again on a selected date if you want to deselect it. Selected dates will be highlighted in blue.
  2. When selecting a date range: Click once on the first day of the date range you want to select, and then hover over and click once on the final day of the date range you want to select. The dates in-between will automatically become selected and highlighted in blue. 
Note: If you make a mistake and want to deselect the dates you’ve just highlighted on the calendar, click on the “Clear selected dates” located just above the calendar. 

Once the dates you would like to be blocked or unblocked on your calendar are selected, simply click on “Apply change” at the bottom of the side panel. You will then be returned to your calendar and your update will be visible.

Sharing your Unavailability - Some Examples:

Let’s take a look at some different scenarios where you may want to update your calendar:
1. Blocking off a single date for a flexible flight
Let’s take a look at this flight below from Denham. “Overnight to Carlisle'' is a flexible flight that has been posted as being available any time of the week. Therefore, on the calendar, Monday to Sunday for that flight is blue, apart from the 5th June, which has already been blocked off for all flights using “Edit Calendar”. Let’s say this pilot did not want to do this excursion on the 9th of June. 

The first step would be to click on “Edit calendar”, and then select the “Overnight to Carlisle” flight in the list. 

After clicking “Next”, the pilot would then select “Add Unavailabilities” under “Edit Unavailability” since the pilot wants to make a day unavailable. The pilot would then choose “Individual Dates” under “Choose date type” as the pilot only wants to block a single day. The final step would then be to select the 9th of June on the calendar, by clicking on that day once, before clicking “Apply change” at the bottom.

The blocked day would then be visible in red on the pilot’s calendar for that particular flight. 

If a passenger then went to book that flight on the Wingly website, the 9th of June would be blocked off, making it impossible for them to send a booking request for that day.

2. Blocking off a range of dates for all flights
In this scenario, the pilot is unavailable, e.g. on holiday, from the 10th of June to the 17th of June, so does not want to receive booking requests for any flights during this period. 

Again, the first step would be to click on “Edit Calendar” to open the side panel. The pilot can then use the “Select all” box to automatically select every single flight. 

Note: If you select a fixed date flight from the list, and then block off the date that this flight takes place on, the flight will be deleted.

After clicking “Next”, the pilot would then select “Add Unavailability” under “Edit Unavailability” since the pilot wants to make a range of days unavailable. The pilot would then choose “Date range” under “Choose date type” as the pilot wants to block off a number of consecutive days. The final step would then be to click once on the 10th of June, and then hover the mouse over the 17th of June, and then click once again, before clicking “Apply Change”. 

The blocked off week would then be visible on the calendar for all flights. Likewise, if a passenger went to book any of the pilot’s fights, that week would also be blocked off, making it impossible for them to send a booking request for that day.

3. Removing Unavailability from your calendar
As well as blocking days off, the calendar also allows you to specifically remove unavailabilities you have previously added to the calendar too. For example, let’s say a pilot has blocked off the 5th of June for all flights but is now actually available to do one of their flights on this day. To allow passengers to book this flight on the 5th of June, the pilot can unblock this specific flight for this day using “Edit Calendar” .

Again, the first step would be to click on “Edit Calendar”, select the desired flight, and then click “Next”. 

This time, the pilot would then select “Remove Unavailabilities” under “Edit Unavailability” to make the date available again for passengers to book this particular flight. As usual, the date to be marked as available can be selected using the “Choose date type” menu and then by clicking on the calendar below. 

Once the change is applied, the date will be turned blue on the pilot’s calendar, and although this date was originally blocked for all flights, passengers could now book this flight on that day. 

If you have any questions or need any help with your calendar, please contact us directly at or by phone on +44 7708405306. We are available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17:30 (GMT). Outside of these hours, a member of our team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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