I booked with A Gift Card and My flight was cancelled. What happens now?

I booked with A Gift Card and My flight was cancelled. What happens now?

We are happy to know that you have a Wingly gift card- it seems that you used it and your flight was cancelled. We know that many factors can lead to a flight being cancelled.

No worries!

When a flight is cancelled, expired or refused, the amount used for a booking will automatically be re-credited to the Gift Card. 

To understand the process of how this happens:

  1. If the booking is cancelled/refused/expired, you will see the following: (Regardless of the situation, you will see the same thing).

  1. You will receive an email with a message informing that your flight was cancelled and  that if a gift card was used for the flight, then will have been re-credited with the value used on the flight.

  1. The process for the re-crediting will be done at the moment the booking is cancelled, and as a gesture, we will also extend the gift card for an additional year so you can have more time to find your ideal flight.

Before Cancellation

After Cancellation

  • For WinglyPro and WinglyJet, please contact the corresponding partner company, and inform them of the situation.

  • NOTE: In this case, the gift card has been re-credited.

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