Am I allowed to fly on a Pilot Self Declared Medical?

Am I allowed to fly on a Pilot Self Declared Medical?

Note: This is strictly for UK Based pilots.

A pilot medical declaration is a confirmation from the pilot to the UK CAA that they reasonably believe they are fit to fly the aircraft. It may allow pilots to exercise the privileges of their licence within certain conditions and limitations.

Pilots must not make a pilot medical declaration if they do not reasonably believe that they meet the medical requirements for a Group 1 (Car) Licence issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and in addition, comply with the limiting requirements found below.

What are the limitations of a Pilot Self Declared Medical?

Pilot declared medicals are permitted on Wingly as long as pilots follow the CAA rules. 

Pilots utilising PMDs can only:

  • Fly UK (G) registered aircraft in UK airspace. 

  • Take a maximum of three passengers.

  • Fly in an aircraft with a Maximum Take-Off Mass (MTOM) of 5700kg or less, for which the licence holder has a valid class, type or group rating.

  • After the age of 70, a new declaration must be submitted every three years. 

  • The privileges of a full Instrument Rating (IR) are not applicable.

We strictly recommend all pilots considering using a PMD ensure that they will be abiding by the UK CAA regulations, found here. 

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