What's the flight request process for a pilot?

What's the flight request process for a pilot?

Flight request is a new Wingly feature which boosts provides a greater flying possibility, both for the passenger and the pilot. In the event that you as a pilot haven't posted the flight desired by a passenger, the passenger will now be able to "request a flight," giving you both greater flexibility and booking potential.

What is the flight request process?

1. Log into your Wingly pilot's account

Once on the Wingly website, the first thing you will need to do is log into your Wingly pilot account as you usually would, to access your cockpit/calendar etc. Use your normal Wingly email address and password to access your profile.

2. Under the cockpit section, click "Flight Request"

Once logged in, you will have the same bar at the top right of your screen, from which if you select "cockpit," instead of three dropdown options, you will see four. The relevant option here will be "Flight Request".

3. Activate the use of "Flight Request"

After clicking on Flight Request, you will be directed to the screen displayed above. If you are happy to take flight requests, just click "Use flight requests" and you'll be ready for a wider range of flight opportunities!

4. Select your preferences

You will be directed to a page on which you must select your preferences. This is so that you only get flight requests for flights that you would be willing and eligible to do. 

You will be asked to select options from the following criteria:
Departure airfield
Aircraft type
Flight type
Distance (total distance that you'd be willing to fly)

5. Receiving a flight request

Neither a number, nor a notification will appear when you receive a flight request, thus it is vitally important that you constantly check the Flight Request section of your cockpit to view any pending requests.

The passengers will also request a type of flight, type of aircraft and a destination, as well as stating the number of seats they'd like to reserve. If a passenger's desire fits with your preferences, you will receive their flight request.

In this case, when you go into your Flight Request section, you will see something which resembles the image above. If you had more than one request, you would see this beside the first one. There is no limit to how many requests you receive, hence it is very important to keep on top of them.

When receiving a flight request, you are presented with the following information:
Passenger name(s)
Number of seats booked
The dates on which the passengers are available
Type of aircraft
Proposed flight description

6. Accepting a flight request

If you are willing and able to fly with the passenger(s) who have requested a flight with you, the next step of the process is to directly message them over Wingly's messaging service. In this message, we recommend that you accept the request accordingly and propose a date that suits you from their chosen dates, as well as potentially outlying a flight which would align with their description.

7. Generating the booking

Once you have sent the initial message to the passengers, your chat will be saved in your regular Wingly mailbox. From this point, you are able to liaise with the passengers and work out the details of the flight that you agree on. Once this decision has been made, you must post a flight. See step 8 for details.

8. Using Wingly messenger to send a flight

The first option is to create the flight directly from your Wingly messenger. This will create a private flight, meeting with the passenger demands, that they can access and book directly from your message thread.

The image above points to a button with an "+" sign. If you click on this, you will be given the option to post a flight from the messenger.

At this stage, you are able to follow the usual steps of creating a flight. Of course, you will have liaised with the passenger about logistics (date, flight type etc) and can fill in the details accordingly. 

You can then send the flight directly to the passenger, who will be able to view it and book it like a normal Wingly flight.

9. Posting a flexible flight that can be booked by other passengers in the future

The second option you have if you like the idea of the flight proposed by the passengers, and would like to post it to your profile as a flexible flight, you can add a flight as you usually would.

Reminder of how to post a flight:

10. Log into your Wingly pilot's profile 

Once logged into your Wingly pilot account, you will see a list of options in the top right of the page. Select the "Add flight" option which the arrow in the picture above is pointing to.

11. Choose the type of flight you will post 

You will have the usual options of sightseeing, excursion and one-way flights to choose from, however more importantly, you will have the option to make the flight "invisible". If you wish for the flight to be invisible (whereby only passengers who receive the link to the flight will have access to it), ensure to switch the toggle at the bottom of the page where it says "make this flight invisible".

12. Select the aircraft you will use for the flight 

N.B. If you have more than one aircraft registered on your profile, make sure that you choose the aircraft that you will be using for the flight as this is a Wingly requirement.

13. Select the airfield and potential sightseeing spots, as well as the total flying time of the flight 

14. Choose the flight date 

Choose either "flexible date" if you are willing to take bookings on this flight on a number of dates, or "fixed date" if you already have a date in mind for the flight. 

15. Create a title and description for the flight 

Make sure to choose a captivating title and description as these will attract passengers and boost your booking potential.

16. Select the cost type 

Here, you will be able to choose to either equally share the cost of your flight or create a fixed price for the passenger. We strongly recommend using the equal cost sharing option, as this way all parties are contributing equally to the exciting experience. 

17. Ensure that all costs are covered and that they will be distributed correctly 

18. Review the flight to ensure that all details are filled in correctly 

N.B. If the flight is posted invisibly, the flight will only be able to be previewed by you.
If you have any questions, you can contact us directly at tower@wingly.io or by phone on +447708405306. We are available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17:30.

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